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How do you like the new look? Good hey! :)

To celebrate the upcoming release of PaintRibbon Complete, we've fully refreshed our website. We have (as you can tell) a new blog, forum, labs section and products pages. Hopefully this will make navigating the site and finding what you need a whole lot easier.

The refreshed forum now means that YOU create separate topics for individual questions, just post them within the right section :). This means it will be much, much easier for everyone to find help and contribute a little too!

This is our new blog, as you can tell (you can add a bookmark here). We'll be posting all of our new project announcements, updates and other little tidbits of news for you guys to no doubt salivate over. Make sure to check it out every now and then!

We are also VERY excited about our new 'Aviassin Labs' section, where we'll be posting all of our latest beta apps and updates. This is basically just a place where we will release our craziest ideas for you guys to try out. Make sure you let us know what you think on the forum. We'll also have a few unreleased updates there every now and then.

You'll probably also have noticed the new 'tabs' along the right hand side of the page. These link to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages - make sure to join them if you can :)

Well, thats about all for now! I hope you guys like the new site, and you can be sure we'll be throwing LOTS of new updates your way very soon!

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